Clem Burke, Blondie


"Working here is always a pleasure and the studio delivers the big drum sound we all want"

Jeff Schroeder, Smashing Pumpkins


"Some of the best guitar tones I’ve ever recorded–big, warm, and sparkly."

Dizzy Reed, Guns N Roses


"Vintage mics & pre-amps + full live band tracking capability. The studio pumps out amazing tones and the vibe is always cool."

"Tommy’s professional talents blew us away. He's got some of the best equipment and gear including vintage mics and historical amps."

--Richard Auxilio, 

Control Control

"Taking the trip out to Joshua Tree was exactly what I was hoping for. A place away from the city to create and be inspired in. This studio is rad!"

--Aaron Williams

Aliso Black

"Hands down the best recording experience I have ever had !! We went down to Joshua Tree to record our first ever full length album and Tommy treated it as if it were his own, without being that engineer that takes over the project. His attention to detail, tones, vibes, and sound was incredible."

--Ajay Lopez

Down Dirty Shake

"Tommy is a great producer/engineer who really knows his stuff, gets amazing sounds and his studio offers a unique lodging  experience near one of the best National Parks in the United States. What else more could you want from a recording experience?"

--Jimmy Dias

The Love Dimension

"For anyone who hasn’t been to Joshua Tree, it’s a gorgeous desert area that you’ve seen in many films but didn’t realize it—and Tommy knows awesome places to go for meals and other diversions when the recording day is done. He produced my band’s first two releases and we’ll definitely be hiring him in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Skylab to record your next album."

--Clay Rivas

The Spiral Electric

"Tommy greeted us with a huge smile and was the most professional engineer. He is SUPER LIGHTNING FAST. We were set up and tracking within minutes! I highly recommend this studio, tons of great gear and with such an awesome engineer. PLUS, it's super close to PAPPY & HARRIET'S…which is a desert legend for a reason. Book now, you wont be disappointed!

--Gregg Tillery

Producer/ Musician

“Tommy is one of the fastest, highly focussed producer/engineers I’ve come across. He understands the process and his vibe is always positive. I would recommend Skylab to any artist seeking professional results.”

--Tim Culling 


“ I had the best recording session of my life yesterday. It was what you dream about as a musician…get the live sounds working together and then just one or two takes per track! Never had all the pieces come together like this before!”

-- Joe Sax

Singer / Guitarist 

“Skylab Studio was an unreal experience. I was truly impressed with Tommy’s feedback on our tracks. His commitment and insight was integral in helping my band record our full length album. The best part of the experience was the vibe of his studio – very comfortable, a no pressure setting yet with a full fledged commitment to getting the best performance and sound out of you as possible."

--Nick Holt